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The Accounts  Payable (AP) process is the process that is responsible for paying suppliers  and vendors for goods and services purchased by the company.


1. Non-standard invoicing : Invoices received from their suppliers arrive in different formats (like Image, PDF). Invoice formats are not always same format. It is a challenge for automation software to handle them in the same way in each time.

2. Unstructured data : The AP Team manually transfers data from the various invoice formats into the company’s standard format. This

repetitive task is slow and prone to errors. What initially appears to be a series of straightforward AP activities reveals itself to be a complex and inefficient process. Optimizing it would easily translate into a financial and organizational reward.

3. Discrepancies & approvals : The manual process extends to resolving discrepancies. Does the invoice price, Quantity and Part numbers match the PO?

Automation Solution:

The AP process using below use cases for automating the invoices,

1. Invoice Segregation

2. Invoice Processing

3. Cost Enter into ERP system

Business Benefits:

1. Swift Payments

2. Improved invoice accuracy with zero error

3. Standardized Processed

4. AP Process automation allowed to reduce human erros, more efficient, reduce the cost and good FTE save

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