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We are a team of highly skilled and efficient software engineers working in the service and product Industry to help enterprises transform their legacy systems & process through Robotic Automations and save their Operational Cost. We enhance their business to a digital transformation with Business Intelligence and Augmented Analytics.


Come and join a team of highly skilled professionals

We respect and value our employees’ individuality and promote a diverse and collaborative work environment. Our growth strategy is rooted in sustainability. We ensure that health and safety in the workplace are guaranteed at all times and in every aspect.

Covid-19 Insurance

Employees health is very important to us. Since we are in corona pandemic situation which threatens human life we are providing medical insurance to employees family (including Employee's parents and Spouse) which covers Covid 19 disease as well.

Work from home

Employee can do his or her job from home using company approved assets, policies and tools. Work from home gives flexible working hours to the employee as well as the job for the employer is done with ease. Work from home is helpful to delivering work life balance to the employee

Flexible Hours

Employees can choose to shift their everyday schedule by starting the day later or leaving earlier. The total of working hours doesn’t change. “Core hours” may be established during which an employee is obliged to be present at the workplace.

Annual Retreat

To give break from day-to-day hassle of office life we going on annual retreat regularly. Retreats are a great way to unite different parts of an organization with a common vision and commitment. Retreats are an effective way to explore and promote new ways to encourage change that the leaders have foreseen, it can be change in the work culture or a change in business processes

Gym membership

One of the best ways to remain dedicated to your fitness goals is to sign up for a gym membership.

Learning stipend

We provide Stipends which is usually offered as compensation for training instead of salaries for employment purposes. This includes trainees, interns, and students. It helps these individuals offset some of their expenses.

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